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by End This Year

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Home Is Where The Heart Is
Spit Some Game Like Romeo
See You Around

Grow Up
Dirt & Weeds


released June 10, 2015

The DoJo Studio



all rights reserved


End This Year Shiprock, New Mexico

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Track Name: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Time to prove what we got
Time to take a chance
Cross your fingers
Cross your heart
We’ve placed our bets
There’s more to this than what it seems
We’ll make our dreams a reality

Just a couple of Average Joes
All sharing the same passion
Doing what we love, because it’s all we’ve got
All for the same reasons

Give or take, we explain
Our own experiences
Whether it was or wasn’t for
The best of intentions

We’re just kids on our way
Trying to live up to each day
Let our words define us but never destroy us

We take no shame in the choices we’ve made
Despite what kind of consequences may take shape
We know what makes each of us break
The bond of brothers is our greatest strength

To us it’s all or nothing
This is more than just a hobby

This world is full of dreamers, and non-believers
But I’m willing to risk it all just to give it one last shot
Try what you may, but these branches will reach stars someday
Someway, some how
I’ve found a home to call my own

This is who we are
This is what we do
With or without you
Track Name: Spit Some Game Like Romeo
I’ve never had happiness like this before
Now that I have it I don’t want to lose it
I hope it’s not too much to ask you to stay
I’m sure you know
That my heart is screaming your name

There is a feeling that no one else can bring
I’ve found something so much more with you

All I need is the feeling that you give me
Trust me, I’m only here for you
Lately, I’ve been thinking of our future
You know tonight we should be together and have this last forever

Close your eyes
Hold you breath
Let me take you away

(Somewhere out there)
Is a better life waiting
(Somewhere out there)
Forever is calling
(Somewhere out there)
Why are we stalling
(Somewhere out there)
Finally we’re together
Track Name: See You Around
How can I find a way to tell you this?
Pass the walls of insecurity
That I’ll be there, when you need me the most
Without a word of a doubt and the piece of mind
I’ve got a million other reasons to leave you behind
But you’re the only reason I try

I may be absent for now but I will see you around
And then all I can do is hope that this will find it’s way to you
I will see you around

I hope you’re doing fine
I know you’ll be alright
And when the times get tough
Just keep me in mind

I hear you cry every time you hear my name
Just know I think about you every day and night

From a fatherless dad to a new born child
You’ve got my love for a million miles and more
And I’ll keep walking even when my feet are sore
Track Name: Grow Up
I’m tired of all these complex things
Responsibilities of growing up
And the complications that it brings
Growing up is not my thing

I wake up every morning
Same routine
But that’s not how I pictured it in my dreams
I’ve had enough

Who are you to say to act my age?
Just another chapter in my life if I could just turn the page

Nothing ever seems to go my way

I’m stressing over nothing
It doesn’t make any sense to me
Track Name: Dirt & Weeds
I get sick of these dirt and weeds
You know there’s nothing really productive here for me
Only constant sight-seeing as far as the eyes can see
I’m not getting any younger
And time is taking over
Because time is on no ones side
And it feels like god is doing whatever it takes
To make sure I don’t get out of the rain

I grew up here for about 20 years
It’s not the same, and things have changed
My grandma and grandpa are gone
And I’m still stuck here looking for a job

It gets easier to drink when you feel like everything
Doesn’t happen for a reason
It’s hard just to trust anyone at all
Nights last longer when you’re under the weather
Just like me these past few weeks
I made it this far without breaking down
I’m shipwrecked in Shiprock
But know I’m not the only one
Track Name: Biography
These strangers who don’t know a shit about me
Seem to think they can write a biography
With my name on the cover and some sort of picture
Of my life through their eyes

I tell myself its normal to feel this way
But every day is starting to feel the same
If I’m stronger than I think
I’m not sure when I’m about to break
Maybe I’m bound to break

It’s like some people are just born with an ugly heart
And the worst part is I know who you really are

There's not much I can do
So what’s the point in even showing you
There’s not much I can say
It’s kinda funny how it all ended up anyway

I take a breath and try to stay calm
But until then I’m wailing on these bedroom walls
It’s difficult to know what’s right and what’s wrong
When the people you look up to have two faces on